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All Recently Added Used Machine Tools By Type
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ManufacturerModelYearMachine IDType MachineControlConditionU / PShortSpecsPhotosList
MorandoVLN-14200015898BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-ATCSiemens 840CVery GoodYes Yes2000 Morando VLN-14 Siemens 840C
SheffieldDiscovery II D-12200115892COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINES Very GoodYes Yes2001 Sheffield Discovery II D-12
SodickAQ 537L201015894EDM - WIRE, CNCSodick LQ33WVery GoodYes30.3" x 20.5" Maximum Workpiece, 22.4" x 14.57" x 13.7" Travels, Linear Scales, Automatic Wire Threading, WS-4P Rotary Table, More..Yes2010 Sodick AQ 537L Sodick LQ33W
SodickAQ 537L201015893EDM - WIRE, CNCSodick LQ33WVery GoodYes Yes2010 Sodick AQ 537L Sodick LQ33W
Tos-HostivarBUAJ 28-630199015904GRINDERS, CYLINDRICAL UNIVERSAL GoodYes11.03" Swing, 24.8" Between Centers, 710 RPM, 12.6 HP, Workhead and Table Swivel, Coolant SystemYes1990 Tos-Hostivar BUAJ 28-630
DoosanPuma-480 XL201515886LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSALFanuc 32iAExcellentYesSwing 35.4", Swing Over Cross Slide 28.34", Maximum Turning Diameter 25.6", Length 120.7", 6.5" Bar Cap., 1,500 RPM, 60 HP, 10 Sta. Turret, Tailstock, 32" 4-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Chip Conveyor, Very Low Hours, More...Yes2015 Doosan Puma-480 XL Fanuc 32iA
HaasSL-40TL BB200515908LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSALHaas ControlVery GoodYes40" Swing, 25.5" Turn Dia., 51" Centers, 1,400 RPM, 55 HP, 12 Sta. VDI Turret, 18" 3-Jaw Pneumatic Chuck, Tool Presetter, Tailstock, Big Bore Option, Two (2) Speed Geared Head, Steady Rest Provision, Chip Conveyor, High Intensity LightingYes2005 Haas SL-40TL BB Haas Control
MazakQuick Turn-200199815903LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSALMazatrol Fusion 640 TGoodYes18.5" Swg, 12.4" Centers, 4,000 RPM, 15 HP, 12 Sta., Tailstock, 8" 3-Jaw Chuck, Manual Tool Eye, More…Yes1998 Mazak Quick Turn-200 Mazatrol Fusion 640 T
Hyundai-KiaSKT-21 LMS200715895LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLEFanuc OiTCVery GoodYes Yes2007 Hyundai-Kia SKT-21 LMS Fanuc OiTC
MazakQuick Turn Nexus-250 MS200515902LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLEMazatrol Fusion 640 TGoodYes Yes2005 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus-250 MS Mazatrol Fusion 640 T
Clausing-Colchester30" x 120"198515907LATHES, ENGINE Very GoodYes Yes1985 Clausing-Colchester 30" x 120"
HaasVF-3 YT - 40201215901MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCHaas ControlVery GoodYes Yes2012 Haas VF-3 YT - 40 Haas Control
HaasVF-4 SS200515889MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCHaas ControlGoodYes52" x 18" Table, 50" x 20" x 25" Travels, 12,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 30 HP, 24 ATC, Rigid Tapping, USB Port, 16 Meg of Memory, More...Yes2005 Haas VF-4 SS Haas Control
HaasVF-4 SS200815888MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCHaas ControlVery GoodYes52" x 18" Table, 50" x 20" x 25" Travels, 12,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 30 HP, 24 ATC, Rigid Tapping, USB Port, 16 Meg of Memory, More...Yes2008 Haas VF-4 SS Haas Control
HaasVF-6-40200915909MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCHaas ControlVery GoodYes64" x 28" Table, 64" x 32" x 30" Travels, 7,500 RPM, 40 Taper, 20 HP, 40 ATC, Programmable Coolant, Rigid Tapping, Enhanced Remote Jog Handle, More.....Yes2009 Haas VF-6-40 Haas Control
HaasVF-6-50 TR200315891MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCHaas ControlVery GoodYes64" x 28" Table, 64" x 32" x 30" Travels, 7,500 RPM, 50 Taper, 30 HP, 30 ATC, Chip Auger, Rigid Tapping, TR-310 4th & 5th Axis Tilting Rotary Table, More...Yes2003 Haas VF-6-50 TR Haas Control
YCMXV-1250A200615897MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNCFanuc MXP-200iVery GoodYes Yes2006 YCM XV-1250A Fanuc MXP-200i
HurcoKMB-1198215899MILLERS, KNEE, NC and CNCHurcoGoodYes49" x 14" Table, 24" x 14" x 6" Travels, 3,500 RPM, 4 HPYes1982 Hurco KMB-1 Hurco
Mori-SeikiMH-630 Pallet199815887MISCELLANEOUS COMPONENTS Very GoodNo Yes1998 Mori-Seiki MH-630 Pallet
Hyd-MechS-20A200215896SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL GoodNo13" x 18" Capacity, 13" Round, 5 HP, Miter, Coolant Tank and Pump, Variable Vise Pressure, Positive Downfeed, Powered Blade Brush, Out of Stock Limit Switch, PLC Control, More....Yes2002 Hyd-Mech S-20A
HaasTR-210H200815890TABLES, ROTARY Very GoodYes8.3" Table, 360,000° Indexing, 120° TiltYes2008 Haas TR-210H